Inspired by the dance floor

Inspired by the dance floor

 – Interview with Liquid Soul –

Swiss artist Nicola Capobianco, better known as Liquid Soul, was already producing music while most of us were still in school. He has also been part of Psy-Fi from the beginning, so it’s time to ask him some questions about his music, his inspiration and his mom. Enjoy!

Hi Nicola! Let’s start by going back in time. Do you remember your first psytrance party? What was it like?

Yes I do remember it very well! I was 20 years old when I went to the Zoom party in a forest in Switzerland. I was completely blown away; mainly by the music and the decoration. But also by the vibe of the people and the whole energy of the festival. The way in which it was connected to nature and spirituality was unique. Before that I had only experienced trance raves. Looking back, this event took me straight into the psytrance world and I definitely don’t regret it. It changed my life!’

Did you always make psytrance or did you also produce other kinds of music?

‘I started to produce and play trance music in 1993, but I switched to psytrance in 2001 after my first psytrance experience and started my new Liquid Soul project. I wanted to explore psychedelic sounds and dive more into the psytrance culture which was kind of an inner calling and I followed that mission.’

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I don’t really know where exactly it comes from, but I get a lot of inspiration from the festival dance floors, my inner feelings or just listening to different kinds of music. Most often, I really get inspired when I go to sleep. It’s very annoying as it’s hard get up again and go to the studio. If I’m super lazy I note my ideas quickly to remember it next day in the studio.’

Does your family ever listen to your music?

My mother follows me on Instagram and Facebook and is always up to date with what’s going on and where in the world I am currently. She even proudly came to a few festivals in Switzerland to see me and to enjoy the music and people. She likes it and is super open. A lovely hippie Mom!’

Is producing and DJ-ing a full time job for you?

‘Absolutely yes!! Since 2003 I play worldwide which is very time consuming. Besides that I spend a lot of time in the studio. So yes, it’s definitely a full time job when you do it on a professional level. There is not much space for other stuff.’

What is your favourite memory of Psy-Fi Festival?

‘Definitely the closing set in 2018 with a lot of rain and that crazy storm. The people showed so much love to me as they stayed the full 2.5 hour of my set till the end in very hard weather conditions. It was absolute magic! That’s the real psy tribe. Where else would that happen?! I really enjoyed it!’

What’s your favourite track at the moment?

‘Hard to choose one specific track but I’m a very big fan of Carbon Based Lifeforms for many years. I love every single track from them. And I still love to head-bang to the noisy old Metallica tunes.’

Which upcoming artist do you really like?

‘Currently I like for example Antinomy, Kalki and Lifeforms, who each delivered some kick-ass tunes in 2019 and have great potential for the future. With our Psy-Nation Radio Show, which I host together with Ace Venture, we try to give a platform to new talented producers and give them full support. It’s important to give them a possibility to share their music with a bigger audience.’

Thanks for your time! Anything to add?

Don‘t dream your life – live your dream and get on the dance floor!’




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