Important information to be perfectly prepared

Dear, lovely visitor of Psy-Fi festival,

The festival is getting really close and we can’t wait to welcome you at our gates and kick off the 2018 edition!

The build up is in full swing and all is going very well!
There are a few last important things that we’d like to communicate to you. Please read the info below carefully so you are well prepared  We know it’s boring, but please take your time to read 

Fire: Due to extreme drought in the Netherlands, any form of fire is strictly forbidden on the festival, so no campfires, no gas stoves, no bbq’s. Please follow these rules carefully and be very careful with your cigarettes too. A forest fire is set off super fast and can take people life’s in the worst case.

Camping: Due to the drought, camping inside some of the bushes is not allowed. Please follow the instructions of our crew. They will show you suitable camping spaces.

Day and night: It has been very hot in the last two months up to 38 degrees and it seems to get a bit cooler now finally, however the sun is still very strong, so bring some form of sun protection. In the nights it can cool off to about 12 degrees, so make sure to also pack some warm clothes or sleeping gear too.

Swimming: So far the water quality is fine and swimming is allowed, we expect that it stays like that due to dropping temperatures. So bring your swimwear 
Pets: Please don’t bring your pets, we don’t allow them inside as this is not the right environment for them.

Important travel information:
For everyone who likes to use our shuttle service from Amsterdam Airport to the Psy-Fi festival:
-You can also use our shuttles if you don’t come by plane.
-You can find us in arrival hall nr.4
-Shuttle bus tickets are on sale until Thursday 9th august
-In case there are seats available you can book a seat at the airport (no guarantee)

Train station shuttles:
-If you come by train to Leeuwarden then take a train to Hardegaryp, from there you can take a shuttle to the Festival. There are no shuttles from Leeuwarden central station!
-Train station shuttles are driving from Monday 13th of August 11:30 until Tuesday the 21st of August 12:00 and in those days, if there are trains going, our shuttles will be there too 
– On all camping and festival days we will bring you back to “Station Hardegarijp” except on Sunday between 08:00 – 15:00 we will then bring you back to “Station Leeuwarden CS” This according to several other events in Leeuwarden City on Sunday so you don’t have to wait to long to catch your train.

Parking and city Shuttles:
-Our parking and city shuttles drive 24/7
-Shuttles start driving from Monday 13th of August 11:30 until Tuesday the 21st of August 12:00
-Shuttles will stop on the north and south entrance of the festival
– The FREE parking area is located at “Rengerslaan 10, Leeuwarden” You can use follow the yellow road signs marked with “X” to get there.
-It is not possible to park on the festival area.

We offer shuttle from the festival to the center of Leeuwarden and to the shopping center in Hardegarijp. You can find them at the north gate.

-If you have a mobile home ticket, then you can park your mobile home on the campsite. Mobile home tickets are not meant for cars.

-Follow the yellow road signage with “Campervans” on it. As navigation address you can use “Butlan 1, Leeuwarden” Keep your campervan ticket ready at the entrance to help speed up the entrance process.

By campervan without campervan ticket
If you were not able to buy a Campervan ticket unfortunately there is no possibility to get on festival site with your campervan. Please note that the surrounding area and local spaces are controlled by the local police. It is not allowed by law to spend your days there. Save money and do not park your campervan or car there! You will be towed away and will receive a fine.
“tip” try to find a campsite before leaving home and be prepared for some extra costs. Campsite “De Grote Wielen” is located next tot he festival site and has normally enough space to book something. We advise to book in advance.

Kiss and ride:
If you come by car and would like to be dropped off with your camping gear close to the entrance, then you can follow the signs to Kiss and ride. From there we provide a ride on a wagon to the campsite to help you with your luggage

Luggage help:
– We will help you bring your luggage and camping gear to your desired spot on the camping grounds with a trailer. You will find the trailer at the north and south entrance and at the Kiss and ride.

Have an awesome festival, be kind for each other and most importantly, have fun!

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