New Logo Inpsyder

With great pleasure we present you our new logo.

The new logo consists of 6 cornerstones, explained below, that together form the Psy-Fi festival. We want our new logo to not just be a pretty picture, but to symbolize what we think is the foundation of the festival:

P; Shamanism.

Trance is ancient and it has always been the shamans that guided participants into deep states of trance with their medicines, singing and drums. Often around campfires they sing their songs. We invite shamans from all over the world to the festival to set the energy on the dance floors and to heal on our sacred island. We view the Dj as a modern day shaman that guides our visitors on our dance floors into trance.

S; Technics.

Modern day festivals are bursting with the latest technical stuff: laptops, controllers, lights, audio, lasers, projectors, phones etc. etc. can you imagine a festival without it these days?

Y; Nature.

Nature is where we re-connect with our roots and where we feel at home the most. A Psy-trance festival can’t function without it, just like us.


This is a dance floor seen from above. It is where most of the magic happens. Always based on sacred geometric patterns that often occur in nature.

F; Tribalism.

Where would we be without our world wide tribe? We come together a few times per year on gatherings such as ours to celebrate our connection, love and understanding. This is without a doubt the most important aspect of our festival, the experience that we are all one.

I; Vibrations. 
When you are on a festival with thousands of people that are having a good time, you often feel the good ‘vibe’ in the air. Vibes shared between people are hard to put in to words but we all know them and have experienced them. Sound vibrations are just as important and mysterious. Nobody knows exactly why music makes us move like we do and why it influences our emotions and even the cells in our body, but it sure does!

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