Welcome to our online news platform “The Inpsyder”

 Welcome to our new online news platform The Inpsyder.
Every year on the festival we hand out our news paper, telling you all that is happening on our festival. From now on we will start to inform you here online about us, the festival, our artists, new developments, the scene and all other kinds of Psytrance related topics. We wish you lot’s of reading pleasure and look forward to seeing all of you again in August!

Psy-Fi 2017 “Book of Changes”
This is the 5th edition of Psy-Fi festival. That means it’s time for a special celebration!
As you all know our festival has grown really fast in popularity and size, which we think is great! It tells us we are on the right path, however, bigger is not always better so we keep our max amount of visitors limited to 20.000. From the side of the organization that also means a rapid expansion of our team and the need to keep evolving to keep the festival interesting and innovative for all the freaks out there.
We don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over again so we keep looking for new ideas and new ways to give the festival shape and form, always looking to present you with the best decorations, music and art against fair prices. One thing is a constant factor that we are really proud of and that is our crowd, a large variety of freaks from all over the world coming together in peace to enjoy all the festival has to offer.
So, what’s new? The existing stages will remain, only some will be decorated by different teams. The main stage will be decorate by Carin Dickson as she is simply the best for the job, we told her to let her mind go crazy and build us the best stage she can imagine and we are sure looking forward to see what she comes up with. We will keep you updated on that.
Trenchtown will change it’s name into “Global theatre” as it is not only reggae played there but all kinds of world music. If you are an artist and you have an act of which you think it can be a great edition to this stage, please write us on artists@psy-fi.nl. We are looking forward to hear from you as we would like to involve our community more into our program. There are so many talented artists amongst you guys, so please let us hear your voice.
We decided that the alternative stage should be a stage only for Dark Psytrance, Forest, Hi-Tech  and Psycore, so that will change this year. We are very pleased to announce that Parvati Records (http://parvati-records.com/) will program this stage for us with many well known and less known artists of these genres. We can tell you now already that this line-up will serve the needs of everyone that loves these genres
The main stage will remain the stage where you will find the crème de la crème of what the established artists have to offer, leaving us with the new and upcoming still underground talents of which there are so many. They deserve a chance to be heard and discovered. For them we open a new stage. You will also find a lot of great side projects here of our main stage artists. If you would like a slot on this stage, please email us with a demo (no longer then 30 minutes) at artists@psy-fi.nl. This stage’s music genres will evolve around Psy-techno, Progressive and Psytrance
We also want to create a more open feeling when you walk around between the festival and campsites, so we will reduce the amount of fences to a minimum. Next to that we think that our hot showers were a great addition so will upgrade on those too.
Our Bazaar will undergo a small transformation creating a bigger space around the beach with a larger variety of food and arts.
We have a lot more news to share with you and we look forward to do so in the coming weeks and months till the festival. Stay tuned!!

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