Interview: Mr. Pink

Can you tell us the story about how Mr. Pink came to life?
So Mr Pink was born at Burning Man. In 1994 I went to Burning Man for the first time. I was blown away by the art but mostly by people embracing creative expression. It was there i saw some people naked in body paint. They weren’t actually performing, rather they were in costume. I vowed that the next year I would do the same. I convinced all of my friends beforehand to join in.
I spent about $100   on professional body paint which represented about 40% of my net worth at the time. The big day   came and try as I might, no one wanted to do it with me. So I stripped off my clothes and put purple body paint over my entire body! At first it was a bit strange as it was like “Jovis is naked and painted purple”. Being around all of my friends made me extremely self aware that I was indeed naked and purple. So I took off on my own and headed toward the Center Camp, a beehive of activity. It was   there I discovered the performance aspect of my costume. I could be anybody or anything, what a  mask!
What is the connection between Mr. Pink and the musician Jovis.
Well right around the same time I was discovering my love of performance art, I discovered the didgeridoo. Rather I should say it discovered me. Up until that time I never had a connection with  music other than as a lover of it. Also I began to DJ Ambient music. Slowly over the years I became better at the didge, as well as branching out to DJ Chillout music. In 2003 I did a collaborative     project called Shiva Subcontractor with Cyrill Kollock. As well as one called BuddhaTech with      Raven Tupling in 2008. At that time I still wasn’t producing, rather I was the live instrument guy, as I was also playing the mouth harp by then. Around 6 years ago I started producing some Chillout   tracks, and 3 years ago I started producing PsyTrance. A few times over the years there has been a direct connection with Mr Pink and music. I’ve been a guest musician (playing the didgeridoo) while Pink with Gaudi as well as when Ajja and Cosmosis played together. In that performance I also  showed my skills with the Air Guitar. It’s interesting though, when I do a Mr Pink performance, it is usually a very vocal thing. Kind of like a cross between a human synthesizer and alien rap. I would   like to explore that further and produce some music along those lines.
You are making an EP now, how is that going?
Well the tracks are finished except for mastering. They will be released at the end of January on the Believe label. I’ve been on a couple of compilations with some collaborative projects, but this will be   my first solo PsyTrance  release.
Are they any other projects you are working on?
Well I have my chill out live project which is called Jovishnu. Also I’ll be launching a Mr Pink youtube channel as well as a fan club in the near future. I am also doing a Mr Pink shamanic body painting workshop, I did it the last couple of years at a couple of festivals. I’m also putting together a sample  cd with didge and mouth harp that is made for dance music in particular.
You’ve been to Psy-Fi several times. What do you think about the festival?
I love it. It’s a great way to end the summer season. It has such a great vibe. The festival goers all seem quite open and friendly. Every time I’ve gone I’ve ended up filing the experience in the “Epic” folder.
What does the average festival day look like for you?
Well I have a bit of a ritual. I really try to do yoga every morning as it helps me maintain my energy. These days I rarely go to a festival unless I am contributing in some way, be it musically, giving a workshop, or Pinking out. Until all my obligations are fulfilled I tend to conserve my energy. For me when I am preparing to play music I try to keep my focus, as the times I didn’t I always seemed to have had to deal with some technical issue or another. A Mr Pink performance can be like running a marathon, so physically I need to take care of myself. After all that is done, you can probably find me on the main dance floor.
What was your best party experience?
Wow, that is a very difficult question. I’ve been blessed to have experienced so many over the years. It’s similar to when someone asks me the best party I ever went to and I reply the one that I  was at on Monday. They will look at me in disbelief asking questions like “What about the eclipse party at Baleshwar in 1995, or the Solipse in 1999? Or Boom in 2008? How about Ozora in 2011? Or Psy-Fi in 2014?”. My answer is yes they were all amazing, but as soon as I label it the best party I ever went to, I shut the door for having another experience on the same level.
I can say the same about my best party experience. The most recent one was on Monday also, I had already played and was hanging out behind the DJ Booth. My friend was DJ’ing and he wasn’t feeling so well so was sitting down in a chair behind the decks. I don’t know why but  I felt at that moment I had to jump up on top of the DJ Table and dance. Kind of like pink without the pink. It was amazing. Please stay tuned though because the next time you ask me that question I sincerely hope I’ll have a new experience to share to you.

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