Interview Zen Mechanics

Zen Mechanics was launched in 2002 by the multi-talented Dutchman Wouter Thomassen, Drawing from his 12 year DJ experience, he soon caused quite a stir with his eclectic style. By fusing elements of futuristic Trance, Progressive, Ambient & Breaks into a powerfull dancefloor-friendly and atmospheric sound, he quickly gained critical acclaim and interest from a range of top labels as varied as his output (such as Aleph Zero, Iboga, Neurobiotic, Nano, Alchemy and Flow). Since then he’s been travelling the planet nonstop, and booked for some of the world’s biggest psychedelic festivals such as Boom, Glade, Universo Paralello, Sonica, Tribe, Solstice, Kaballah & Rainbow Serpent.
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Fine thanx! I’m a dude from Holland who started making Psytrance around 2002 and have been traveling the planet ever since, playing parties and festivals and settled in the lush subtropical east coast of Australia.

Also I’m doing some graphic design and run a label called Sourcecode Transmissions.

How did you get to know psytrance?

From hanging around in record stores and exploring the Amsterdam underground Trance scene in the mid 90ies.

What did you like so much about psytrance that you wanted to produce the music yourself?

When I fell in love with Psytrance it sounded way different to what it is today. It was edgy, mystical and intelligent music with real underground sensibility.

So no fancy promo videos and marketing tricks, DJ’s climbing on the tables etc. but obscurity and mystery instead, which made it all the more intriguing to me. For all I knew this was music made by alien lifeforms. Also each artist sounded unique.

What I love most about it these days is the outdoor party/festival scene in general. It’s exciting to see so many incredible festivals popping up all over the planet. I wouldn’t wanna be part of any other scene really.

What style of psytrance do you prefer and why?
I just like proper Trance. Don’t really care what style, as long as it’s got magic mojo.
You did a lot of collaborations. What was (one of) your favorite(s)? And why?

Naked, Stoned & Exalted with Future Frequency. The best tracks usually come quick and this was one of them. Things just flowed really well and we managed to capture the essence of what makes Trance music so great for me. Raw, hypnotic, primal and euphoric as f**k.

What is the latest project you’ve been working on?

Hard to say as I’m always working on many different projects at once. I’m mainly focusing on my new album, a few collaborations and some Electro/Ambient Techno jams on the side.

If you would create a list of things you definitely want to achieve or experience in your life, what would be your number 1?

Tripping with Graham Hancock in Machu Picchu during winter solstice.

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